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We're doing energy energy sourced directly from our customers. Yes, we want all of our energy to come from the nearly 3,000,000 and growing Australian residential households who have solar panels on their roofs.

So environmentally friendly solar energy at competitive prices, for households with solar or without solar panels and who just want to do the right thing by the environment.



Maximise your Savings

We don’t have discounts so you know that you are always on Elysian Energy’s most competitive rate. We don’t have any fees or charges, no credit card fees, not even new connection fees, so moving homes…move with us.

Maximise your Benefits

A Monthly subscription plan, with a set amount of included energy to help you budget. No daily supply charges…Just a competitive usage charge.

Better for the Environment

Environmentally friendly solar energy*, better for the environment by far. Sourced directly from our customers! (*Not all energy can be sourced from our customers or from Solar Sources)

100% Aussie Owned

Elysian Energy is 100% Australian owned. With Call Centres in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Golden winner at Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards 2021 in the Solar-Friendly Electricity and Best Electricity Plan categories

Sun’s up, bills down!

Our Solar Maximiser rate is the right FiT for your home

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Our Market Leading FiT

Recommended FIT*


10 c/kWh

6.7 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

4.6 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

8.5 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

6.8 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

6.5 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

8.0 c/kWh

*The recommended FIT rates shown include information from relevant Regulatory bodies and/or state authorities. These include mandated rates, recommended rates, and government reported average rates. Retail market rates have been used where the previous types of information have been unavailable. Feed-in tariff rates displayed are accurate as of 1st November 2021.

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Smooth changeover to this supplier. Easiest is to do online. Only delay was Simply Energy dragging release out to the limit of about 14 days.. Overall savings about 20% Affordable and a background provider: they don't handle a lot of fussy needs, they just provide lower prices. If this is what you want, you won't be disappointed.

Karl Kachami

Date 21/09/2020

star_icon_glow star_icon_glow star_icon_glow star_icon_glow star_icon_glow

Really smooth change over from these guys. Customer service is always on point considering they're all working from home with the pandemic atm. will report back on any savings but so far so good! Have been with them for a few months now and no big issues. had some trouble understanding their billing but called in, was answered pretty quickly and the guy on the phone took the time to explain each transaction really clearly. I've had issues with AGL and switched over to these guys and am pretty happy with the decision

Arseallie Bonilla

Date 28/09/2020

star_icon_glow star_icon_glow star_icon_glow star_icon_glow star_icon_glow

Online sign up fast welcome pack and contact emailed within day :)

Damien Ibbertson

Date 05/11/2021