10 habits at home to save money on energy bills

It’s not a secret that saving energy means less money out of the pocket.  This 2020 has taught us the importance of saving money, and what a better way than starting to start saving on energy bills. There are many ways to reduce your electricity consumption while still enjoying the comfort of your home.

Today, Elysian Energy presents a few quick energy-saving tips you can try at home that are worth making into habits.


    1. Switch off lights and electrical appliances while you’re not using them. Did you know that even though an appliance is off, it is still consuming energy while connected to the power point? Keep that in mind and switch off appliances after you’ve used them. But please, don’t switch off the refrigerator, we don’t want you to waste all your food!

    3. Wait until you have a full load to wash your clothes, and try washing them at lower temperatures, or cold water. You can save around $115 per year washing clothes with cold water, according to Victorian Energy Saver.

    5. Take advantage of the warmer weather and dry your clothes naturally. They will thank you as you’re giving them more of a lifespan. Reducing the use of the dryer will have a significant positive impact on your electricity bill.

    7. Use a fan! Being a few months away from summer means the need to use the cooling system rises. Alternatively, you could save a lot of money if you start using a fan. A fan can lower the heat by about 2 or 3 degrees. You can also open your windows early in the morning or at night when the air is cooler to freshen up the house. Don’t forget to close the curtains to create a barrier between the sun and the living areas of the house.

    9. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a bath at the end of a long home office day, but you can save energy and money by taking showers instead. By doing this and taking baths only once a week, you’ll enjoy saving money and treasure the time in the tub even more.

    11. This one is simple, just turn off the lights you aren’t using. You don’t need every single light on in the house, just the one in the room you’re in.

    13. If you are a fan of the dishwasher, think smart. Pre-wash the dishes with cold water and stack them wisely. Organizing a proper load can save time and lessen the attempts to get plates clean. Place plates on the bottom rack and bowls on the top rack. Cups should be upside down and larger pots that don’t fit should be washed separately.

    15. Replace the light globes. There are different types of energy light bulbs out in the market. According to the Victorian Energy Saver, LED light globes can help take 80% off your lighting costs. They also use less power and last longer. Great news, right? Less money for more value.

    17. Go solar. New energy is on the rise and you’ll feel like a pioneer.

    19. Finally, you can save energy and money by getting the best deal with one of the cheapest energy providers. At Elysian Energy, we have different electricity plans that go according to your needs. Please check out our electricity prices to get more information.

Jessica Pacheco
Jessica Pacheco