Why Switch?

We’re doing energy differently and offering consistently low prices. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying at the start of the month.

There are no special discounts or low entry fees – just reliably low prices throughout the life of the plan.

Elysian Energy - Everyday Savings

Everyday Savings

We don’t offer discounts to just some of our customers, or have them expire without your knowledge. All our customers get our most competitive rate, so you save every day.
No lock-in contracts - Elysian Energy

No lock-in contracts

When you sign-up with us, all you commit to is month-by-month
payments, no lock-in contracts or leaving fees – we’re nice guys.
100% Aussie - Elysian Energy

100% Aussie

We’re Australian-owned and operated. You won’t sign a good deal today and find out it’s no longer a great deal tomorrow. When you call us, you’ll speak to someone in Australia.
Elysian Energy Personalised Plans

Simple Plans

Our plans make budgeting easy. Each month, you’ll know how much to pay for electricity and we’ll notify you before you go over your usage allowance.

Our Approach

At Elysian Energy we believe that everyone deserves to get a good deal on their energy prices.   We treat all customers fairly and each customer gets put on the best available tariff.

We bill monthly to ensure that customers can manage payments and energy usage easily.

Elysian Energy Approach- About Us
Elysian Energy Story - About Us

Our Story

Elysian Energy is an Australian owned company based in Melbourne.  We are a start-up and will start selling electricity in Victoria before we add gas and commence offerings in other states.

Meet the Team

Our goal is to treat all our customers fairly and to provide a good connection or transfer experience.  We are always looking for new team members so if you are interested in customer service please contact us.

Scott Wells - Elysian Energy
Scott Wells
Managing Director

The Elysian Energy management team is headed by Scott Wells, the Managing Director and Founder. Scott has a strong background in business leadership in the Australian energy and telecommunications industries.

Scott started Elysian Energy in the already busy Electricity Retail market because it was clear Energy Customers were not getting a fair deal. The industry is cluttered with marketing material, much of which is directed at confusing customers rather than helping customers get the best deal and managing their costs. Scott and the Elysian Energy team know it’s time for a change, and time for Australians to get switched on about their energy providers.

Get in Touch?

For more information and to be kept up to date regarding the launch our new Elysian Energy electricity plans, please contact us.

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