10 habits at home to save money on energy bills
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We are national now!
We are happy to announce that AER has approved Elysian Energy’s authorisation to sell electricity in New South Wales, South Australia, and South East Queensland. It has been a long way through this path always thinking about our customers and with the premise of being passionate about giving every Australian a
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Time to get switched on - Elysian Energy
It’s time to get switched on
Simple plans, everyday savings – it’s what we all want with our energy plans. Elysian Energy  is now offering this to customers. We’ve seen something that’s not right and we are standing up to make a change. At Elysian Energy, we’re passionate about giving every Australian a fair deal on
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Comprehensive moving out checklist
A comprehensive moving out checklist to help you relocate with ease
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Independence has a price
Independence has a price: How you can keep your costs down when you move out of home
Being independent can be a liberating experience. However, don’t let your new freedom lead to a dwindling bank account. There are easy ways to keep your cost-of-living down, but it will mean setting some rules and adopting new habits.   Budget The idea of budgeting can be scary. It may
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Combat your high energy bill
Combat your high energy bill by tackling these five appliances
Appliances are an expensive but necessary investment for your home. Not only do you have to pay for the appliances initially, you must pay to run them too. However, if you use your appliances smartly, you can reduce not only your energy bill but also your carbon footprint. Read on
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