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DATE 07/2021

Terry Dionysopoulos

How our Solar Maximiser plan is changing the energy market and the environment.
Product News


DATE 06/2021

The world is moving to a renewable energy future, but we at Elysian Energy have made it our business, literally. We, like many Australians have seen how traditional coal fired electricity isn’t as reliable as it seems and no longer content with that we created our Solar Maximiser plan that will supply Aussie homes with clean, solar energy at great savings for your pocket and the environment.

We don’t need coal for cheap power, it is a great dirty myth that needs busting. It requires money to continuously be spent to extend the life of coal-fired plants, land to be deforested to source and is even more carbon intense once you account for mining and transporting it. Additionally, the Grattan Institute found that if Australia moved to an energy market fueled by 70% renewable energy and closed two-thirds of today’s coal-fired power plants; carbon emissions would significantly reduce without materially increasing the cost of power [1]

Currently, 21% of all Australian households generate their own electricity, enjoying that they can consistently save money on their power bills, feed-in excess electricity back into the grid and power their neighbour’s homes and appliances. It is a great example of an established, growing circular economy where people can generate electricity from their own rooftops passively and supply solar power to their own communities. [2]

We know Australians want to lead the change, so we created our Solar Maximiser plan to give back and ensure people enjoy more savings because we are all in this together. 

Why is the Solar Maximiser so much better for me?

With the harsh Aussie sun, it is no wonder why Australian households are looking more to solar power systems. And that’s why we have launched our Solar Maximiser, to ensure households are enjoying the full potential and savings of their solar panels and encourage others to switch to renewable energy.

Our Solar Maximiser plan offers market-leading feed-in tariffs for the whole life of the plan that will increase how much you save on each bill and help you pay off the cost of your pv panels sooner. You can try to compare electricity plans, but the Solar Maximiser is an electricity plan like no other; simple and competitive rates, no fees and no lock-in contracts. We believe by offering high feed-in-tariffs and a market-leading plan we can get more people to go solar. 

Visit our Solar Maximiser page for more information and view our rates.

We’re offering a unique plan for those who already have solar panels and want the best deal or those that want to take the first step in renewable energy. We know solar plans can get a little confusing, that’s why we have made it more transparent and easier to understand. Instead of a schedule of hours with extra shoulder periods, we just offer 2 rates; sun/peak hours and moon/off-peak. We think that makes more sense so you know how much you are paying.

We believe in solar energy and want to be the best and biggest electricity provider to drive it. Traditional energy wastes more energy than it creates and we want to lead it to a brighter future. We want the industry to be better, by sourcing solar energy from our own communities and sharing it with other families, we can power our homes with a smaller carbon footprint. We know we can do better, together. After months of hard work, we are proud to launch the Solar Maximiser plan and lead the energy market towards a green, responsible future. 





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