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DATE 11/2020

Elysian Energy

It’s time to get switched on
Product News


DATE 10/2020

Simple plans, everyday savings – it’s what we all want with our energy plans. Elysian Energy  is now offering this to customers. We’ve seen something that’s not right and we are standing up to make a change. At Elysian Energy, we’re passionate about giving every Australian a fair deal on their energy in an industry that has been taking advantage of customers for decades. We envision a new era – one where customers are treated fairly and challenge tradition.

Some of the things we stand for at Elysian Energy include simple, monthly pre-paid energy plans; no lock-in contracts; treating all customers fairly; and making sure each customer is always on the best available tariff. We have a range of plans suitable for every type of household and we also offer business electricity plans.

Scott Wells, started Elysian Energy's in the already busy Electricity Retail market because it was clear Energy Customers were being deceived. He was aware of the marketing material cluttering the market, directed at confusing customers rather than helping customers get the best energy deal and managing their costs. Scott and the Elysian Energy team knew it was time for a change, and time for the system to become more transparent.

Launching Elysian Energy has meant that Australians now have the opportunity to have predictable electricity expenses, understand their electricity terms and conditions and feel confident that they will always be on the best available deal. With Elysian Energy, there are no special discounts or low entry fees – just reliably low prices throughout the life of the plan.

Our powerful new approach to energy is already making an impact on our customers. Like them, you can get switched on today by contacting us at We can guarantee no gimmicks, no tricks, just everyday savings.

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