Save money in the workplace
What you can do to save money in the workplace?
The decisions we make at work can affect our careers, but have you ever thought about how your office behaviours affect the environment? Businesses can easily cut down on their energy consumption if everyone is willing to work together. It doesn’t have to take much effort, but the benefits financially
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New measures to protect loyal energy
New measures to protect loyal energy customers in Australia
The Australian Government has lately criticised the nation’s large energy retailers for penalising loyal customers and tricking new customers with deceptive offers, including ‘big sticker discounts’. We are now starting to see the first steps nationally to protect consumers from overpaying for electricity. We’ve previously written about what you typically
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Elysian Energy’s authorisation
Is falling for big energy discounts a huge mistake?
We’ve all seen the energy discount ads and promotions – 40% off electricity, 34% off gas etc.! Many electricity retailers offer large discounts to entice new customers and fight competition in the market. But as enticing as they sound, do these discounts actually help consumers save money? Or is this
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Energy customers save money
All you need to know about electricity’s “lazy tax”
You may have heard of the “lazy tax” – may be at a dinner with friends or in the workplace while sharing your “bill-shock” woes with your colleagues. Also called the “loyalty penalty”, the lazy tax is nothing but the price you pay for not regularly shopping around and swapping
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Fair deal on electricity - Elysian Energy
What does it really mean to get a fair deal on electricity?
The popular adage “it pays to shop around” is often heard during this time of the year, just as people are hit with the mid-year electricity price hike. This saying is no more than a reminder to spring people into action and urge them to try getting a better deal
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Solar pointing in right direction - Elysian Energy
Is your solar pointing in the right direction?
If you are a solar power user or are considering using the sun’s energy for your home, think about the direction your solar panels should be facing to give you the best results. A few years ago, there would have been one simple answer to this question. Any energy expert
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