Why Choose Us?

Some of the things we stand for at Elysian Energy include simple, monthly pre-paid energy plans; no lock-in contracts; treating all customers fairly; and making sure each customer is always on the best available tariff.

Elysian Energy - Everyday Savings

Everyday Savings

All our customers get our most competitive rate, so you save every day.
100% Aussie - Elysian Energy

100% Aussie

We’re Australian-owned and operated. You won’t sign a good deal today and find out it’s no longer a great deal tomorrow. When you call us, you’ll speak to someone in Australia.
No lock-in contracts - Elysian Energy

No Contracts

When you sign-up with us, all you commit to is month-by-month payments, no lock-in contracts or leaving fees.
Elysian Energy Personalised Plans

Simple Plans

Our plans make budgeting easy. Each month, you’ll know how much to pay for electricity and we’ll notify you before you go over your usage allowance.
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