Business Plans

Running a small business can be tough.   We understand the needs of small business and the importance of making savings where possible.

That’s why we offer everyday low prices to ensure that you are always on our best deal.

Making Savings in Small Business

Business Plans

Switch and save on your business electricity costs.

Residential Plans

We offer a variety of packages, designed to suit your household needs. Whether you have a large family or have just moved out of home, we can create a monthly plan that’s right for you.

You get a refund for the energy you don’t use.

The Minimalist Plan - Elysian Energy

The Minimalist

For individuals or couples, you live alone or with one person or you are not home often.

Included Energy (kwh)

A new Chapter Plan for small families - Elysian Energy

A New Chapter

For small families, your small household is starting to grow or you are spending more time at home.

Included Energy (kwh)

The Good Life Plan For growing households - Elysian Energy

The Good Life

For growing households, You often use heating or You are always plugged in.

Included Energy (kwh)

The full house plan for super families

The Full House

For super families, You’re often heating, cooling, cooking and cleaning or You may have a pool.

Included Energy (kwh)

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