Please be safe when reading your meter

Please be very careful when you are reading your meter. There may be hidden hazards around, inside or outside your meter board or cabinet.

If you see a hazard or are unsure about reading your meter, please DON’T. Call us on 1300 671 799 to arrange a meter reading.

Where to find your meter

Your meter may be outside attached to one of your walls of your house or on the front porch. It is possible that your meters could be in your hall, laundry or garage. Your electricity meter may be in a different place to your gas meter.

If you are renting the property and can’t find your meter, you can contact your rental agent to help find them.

If you live in an apartment or other multi-home building, your meters may be in a basement, car-park or a cabinet on each level. Meters should be labelled with each unit number. Gas and electricity meters may be located in different locations in the common areas of your building.

Reading your meter

As well as being able to take a self-read to update an estimated meter reading, you can also track your energy use and check electricity bills.

There are many different types of meters, including dial meters, cyclonic meters and new digital “smart” meters – see below for information about how to read each type.

Reading a dial type meter
For customers who need a meter installed at a new house.
  • Stand in front of your meter.
  • Read the dial on the left first. (Ignore any dial underneath).
  • If the pointer is between two numbers, record the lowest number. (for example, if the pointer is between 9 and 0, record 9).
  • Do the same with each dial, reading left to right.
  • Only read dials that are black.
  • In the example above the correct reading would be 1-5-9-6-4.
  • Remember to write down you meter number.
Reading a digital electricity meter
  • Stand in front of your meter.
  • Read and write down the number on the display for each electricity tariff attached to the meter.
  • The most common digital or dual rate meters the display will cycle through the meter registers.
  • In the example above the correct reading would be 1-2-5-4-7-8
  • Remember to also write down you meter number.
Reading a cyclonic or odometer type electricity meter
Just like an odometer in your car, numbers on a cyclonic meter are read from left to right to show five digits of kilowatt hours of electricity usage.
  • Stand in front of your meter.
  • Read and write down the numbers for each of the sets of dials. You may have 1, 2 or more sets of dials.
  • In the example above the meter has two dials- Low and Normal. You may see also other labels such as Peak or PK, and Off Peak or OP to label dials.
  • Sometimes the meter dials can be reversed – so be careful.
  • The correct reading of the top dial above would be 7-5-0-8-5.
  • In the example above the correct reading would be 1-5-9-6-4.
  • Remember to write down you meter number.
Reading an interval or "smart" type meter

If you have an interval or “smart” meter (one that measures your usage every 15 minutes and sends your data remotely) you won’t be able to easily read your meter. This is because of the way your meter records and displays your usage information.

Elysian Energy has your data in our systems (which is generally provided to us each night, for the previous day). You can call us if you have any questions, or even better check out your data in our My Account Online Portal.


Providing your meter reading - to replace an estimated reading

Under energy laws, you have the right to provide us with a self-reading (before the bill is due) of your meter, to replace an estimate of your meter.

What you’ll need to provide before your is bill due:

  • Your National Meter Identifier (NMI) (a number specific to your meter and found on page of 2 of your Elysian bill).
  • The meter’s serial number (which can be found on the front face of your meter).
  • The actual meter reading.
  • The date you read the meter.
  • TIP – A clear photo of your meter (with the date and including your meter number) is an easy way to provide us with a reading of your meter.

Email us your meter reading

Use the email form below to send us your meter reading details, including a picture of your meter (if you have one).

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