Is your solar pointing in the right direction?

If you are a solar power user or are considering using the sun’s energy for your home, think about the direction your solar panels should be facing to give you the best results.

A few years ago, there would have been one simple answer to this question. Any energy expert would have recommended facing your solar panels true north as this would not only yield the maximum electricity for your household but also earned you the highest solar credit. Things have now changed.

When solar energy was still a new thing, the government used high solar credits as an incentive to encourage more people to adopt solar for their homes.

However, now with changes in government policy on solar credits and network distribution charges, solar credits are much less compared to electricity usage charges.

If you’re looking to cut down your electricity bill, you’re likely to be much better off using your own solar energy rather than exporting it to the grid and earning solar credits.


Which direction will ultimately help you achieve lower bills?

This chiefly depends on your household’s electricity consumption patterns. You need to think about factors such as when you are home during the day and at what times you tend to use the most electricity.

If you’re at home, in the morning, chances are that’s when you’ll be performing household chores such as washing, drying or running the vacuum cleaner. A north orientation for your solar panels will be best as they produce the most electricity overall and it’ll mean that you’re using the energy generated to power your appliances during the day.

However, a majority of households are more active in the late afternoon or evening as people start getting back home from work. Facing your panels north in this case is not ideal; you should consider splitting between north and west orientations.

Panels facing west produce overall less electricity than north facing solar panels however, they produce more energy in the late afternoon and one quarter of their maximum just before sunset. West facing panels are also beneficial for households with a high air conditioning usage in summer.

If your household’s energy consumption is higher in the afternoon, then it would be ideal for you to face some panels north and some west to get the best results. No matter which direction you ultimately go for, remember that for most people self-consumption is key to making solar installation worthwhile.

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