Australian energy industry faces extreme overhaul

New players in the energy industry are questioning the fairness to consumers of the current energy pricing model, none more so than newly launched Australian energy retailer, Elysian Energy. They have questioned the integrity of major energy players in what they are labelling as the ‘misleading electricity con’.

Elysian Energy’s CEO, Scott Wells’ ambitious launch of the new energy retail business in an already crowded electricity retail market is getting recognition due to the need for a transparent business strategy that differs from what he calls “the highly profitable game the big energy companies are currently playing to the detriment of customers.”

In what is a first in the energy industry, Elysian Energy has recognised that there needs to be a radical transformation in the energy industry and customers need to come first, not last and certainly not in lieu of profits.

“What the electricity market is missing is fair agreements for customers. An exorbitant amount of focus is on profits and buying customers then penalising them soon after with price rises.”

“Someone has to be willing to challenge this ‘cowboy’ industry led by the big corporates and stop misleading the public with low rates to bait customers, then switching them to high rates. That is why we started Elysian Energy,” Scott Wells said.

Elysian Energy provides pricing that people can understand and afford. There are no confusing tariffs that don’t make sense to consumers – just clear energy plans.

“Australians are looking for a fair go. A bit of transparency will go a long way in the energy industry.”

“Thousands of customers per month are changing retailers looking for a fair deal, but unfortunately they are not always going to a better alternative – just smart marketing using predatory pricing to lure innocent consumers, then hiking the price as soon as possible.”

“Elysian Energy offers consistently low prices throughout the life of the plan, and our prices are competitive. We are consistently at or near the lowest offer available.”

Elysian Energy’s simple, monthly pre-paid energy plans are similar to the way mobile phone plans work. They have no lock-in contracts, treat all customers fairly, and make sure each customer is always on the best available tariff. There are a range of plans suitable for every type of household and business.

Commenting on the federal government’s proposed legislation to force the break up of large energy companies Scott Wells says, “Government has at long last created measures that will help protect customers most affected by big retailers.”