Australians more than ever are enjoying the economic benefits of solar energy, feeding in excess energy into their communities passively whilst traditional coal fired electricity costs more in carbon emissions and continuous investment to prolong the life of old infrastructure.

We’re proud to introduce our Solar Maximiser Calculator that will generate how much more you could earn with our Solar Feed in Tariffs, no-fee plans and other great solar incentives to help you experience the advantages of using solar energy.

Rather than list a long schedule of numbers and rates like others for you to try and understand, simply tell us a little about your system and home in the calculator below and we’ll give you a close estimate of what you could be earning.

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8.5 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

6.8 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

6.5 c/kWh

9 c/kWh

8.0 c/kWh

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