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10 c/kWh

5.2 c/kWh

10 c/kWh

6.2 - 10.4 c/kWh

7 c/kWh


7 c/kWh


8.883 c/kWh

8.883 c/kWh

10 c/kWh


*The recommended FIT rates shown include information from relevant Regulatory bodies and/or state authorities. These include mandated rates, recommended rates, and government reported average rates. Retail market rates have been used where the previous types of information have been unavailable. Feed-in tariff rates displayed are accurate as of 1st July 2022.

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Powering Australia’s tomorrow

Whether this is your first step into solar power for the home or are looking to switch providers, Elysian Energy offers competitive, affordable solar to help achieve a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. With Our Leading Solar Feed in tariffs, rebates and other incentives you can power your own home and enjoy your full lifestyle whilst knowing your carbon footprint and electricity costs are reducing every year.

A better environment

From the cape to the bight, Australia offers some of the most unique and diverse landscapes that has come to inspire people near and far. Solar energy offers a huge environmental advantage over traditional carbon-intense energy generation that every household can benefit and participate in. With competitive plans, Elysian Energy offers stable and reliable electricity that enables you to easily reduce your carbon footprint and power solar for a brighter future.

A smarter investment

Millions of Australians across the country are benefitting from solar energy with 1 fifth of all households enjoying their own rooftop solar panels. Elysian Energy offers all households higher than standard feed-in-tariffs that will deliver the same power you have enjoyed for less. With endless summers, Leading Solar Feed-in tariffs and more affordable solar panels available, solar power offers cheaper, sustainable electricity and an increase to your property value delivering a fantastic return on investment.

Solar Energy Plans FAQ’s

Is my household eligible for Solar Maximiser plan?

All users can benefit from Elysian Energy's solar-friendly Feed-in Tariff and Solar Energy plans. If your solar installation is no larger than 7.5kW and the energy exported into the grid by your solar PV system is no more than the monthly cap of 1,400kWh.


Will I get the premium tariff with Elysian that I'm getting with my current retailer?

Yes, you will continue to get the premium feed-in tariff regulated by the governments. Whether you’re already under one of the government’s premium feed-in tariffs or on another plan, we want you to get the max out of your energy and get one of the best solar home plans. 


Will I still receive an electric bill if I have solar panels?

Yes, you will still pay for the subscription plan. This is the minimum amount that you will be charged as it covers the cost of electricity used overnight, when the sun is not shining, or your PV system is not feeding energy into the grid.

What happens if I use electricity only at night during weekdays?

If your solar produces energy during the day, but you use electricity only at night during the weekdays, you will receive Elysian Energy's Solar Friendly (FiT) feed-in-tariff rate for all electricity exported into the grid during the day as a credit in your next invoice. For any additional usage over the amount included in your plan, you will be charged additional energy usage rates


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